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Old Cars, Golf and Going Back in Time

Well its January in the north valley again and somehow that has become synonymous with car auctions and golf tournaments as the world turns its attention to Scottsdale every year at this time. Now I know our little County Island isn’t Scottsdale but we can see it from here and we could easily end up being Scottsdale someday, so I will enlighten you newcomers with some of its recent history.

I can tell you that Barrett Jackson used to be a small car auction that actually took place at Tom Barrett’s house in Scottsdale in the 1970’s. I know that because I use to wash his cars when I was a teenager and shuttle them back and forth to the gas station I worked at located at Scottsdale Rd and Lincoln BLVD. I can remember a certain 1950’s era Cadillac Brougham that had a factory liquor bar. It makes me stop and ponder the new models today. I just can’t see Cadillac advertising a new car going down the road with people holding up shot glasses and toasting the smooth ride.

The Phoenix open was originally held at the Phoenix Country Club and was a small event. I know that because my older brother actually caddied in the events. In the late 1960’s the pro golfers would pick from a caddy pool of local teenagers, Now they travel with their own caddies and an entourage of coaches and trainers. I think the first place prize was around a thousand bucks and now is over a million.

My parents bought a 4 bedroom home near Scottsdale and Shea in 1968 on an acre for the mid to low twenties. Only about half the roads were paved in that area back then. I regale you with this muted trivia because living in the County Island today has a lot of similarities of Scottsdale in the past. Dirt roads, horses, open spaces and not much traffic. Of course we should enjoy it while we can. Little by little people are discovering our dirt road mecca and it will be just a matter of time until the world beats a path to our door too. Maybe someday you will turn on your TV and watch The County Island open???